Project Description


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal organization dedicated to understanding the world we live in. Their work ranges from the sun’s surface to the ocean’s depths. NOAA supplies policy and decision-makers with critical information for managing our climate, ocean, coasts, and ecosystems.

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

Industry:  Government


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration awards Productive AV with multiple conference rooms. The upgraded rooms are monitoring and communication hubs during satellite launches.

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Equipment List

  • Panasonic UHD Displays
  • Barco’s Clickshare
  • Crestron Controls
  • Vaddio RoboShot 12E Cameras
  • Promethean ActivPanel Displays
  • Shure’s Ceiling Microphone Array
  • Shure’s Networked Charging station
  • Shure’s microphones
  • Productive AV’s preventive Maintenance and support

The Challenge

Communication is vital to NOAA. Their influence spans domestic and international policy.  However, their conference rooms did not facilitate their mission. The outdated technology undermined their leadership position in conferences and diminished the effectiveness of presentations.

Productive AV’s relationship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration started with a simple rental. In 2016, projectors in a high-profile presentation room broke down.

Productive AV quickly provided emergency support. That moment of reliability blossomed into a trusting six-year relationship. Thanks to Productive AV’s pre-existing relationships with NOAA, we are uniquely able to understand their needs. In 2019, NOAA awarded Productive AV with a contract for multiple conference rooms’ modernization.

The Solution

Productive AV upgrades NOAA’s rooms with collaborative technologies, robust presentation systems, and teleconferencing capabilities. Overall, NOAA’s solution is long-term, emphasizing preventing obsoletion.

The largest conference room hosts collaborative team sessions and conferences. Productive AV upgrades their old whiteboards with Promethean’s ActivPanel interactive displays. Promethean’s writing technology filters out false strokes for a natural writing experience free of lag. It saves the team time from correcting their writing. Live updates enables seamless collaboration with remote sites.

Promethean ActivPanels’ over-the-air updates minimize the resources required for software and firmware updates. Updates are quickly completed so the conference rooms are always operational. Productive AV saves NOAA time while preventing future obsoletion.

Barco’s Clickshare saves time and stress by reliably connecting devices to the room’s technology. Clickshare empowers wireless screen sharing via a wireless dongle. Phones can also connect within a few seconds by scanning a QR code. All the technology in the room is accessible without messy cables or time spent troubleshooting. Presentations are stress-free and easy to begin.

Speakers trust that their microphones are charged and paired with Shure’s Networked Charging Station. Whether handheld, lapel, or podium, all microphones are stored at a charging station when not in use. With automated pairing, anyone can pick up a mic and be ready to present.

Clear communication is essential but at risk in hybrid meetings. Shure Microphone Ceiling Array ensures everyone has a voice. Its wide coverage captures clear audio across the entire room. It also eliminates the need for speakerphones and all the messy cables and tripping hazards they entail. Everyone is included in the conversation and the room is kept orderly.

RoboShot onelink cameras provide high-quality and reliable video feed. Their enhanced wide dynamic range corrects uneven lighting. Combined with their wide angle lens, these cameras enable full communication by making every seen.

NOAA Second Conference Room
NOAA ActivPanel Display

Productive AV’s preventive maintenance and support keep this solution running for years to come. NOAA receives maintenance visits from Productive AV each year. If anything goes awry, support is a phone call away. These visits range from regular cleaning and firmware updates to inspections, troubleshooting, and recommendations for upgrades. Supplying labor and time now locks in today’s prices and prevents problems down the road.

“Our favorite part of the solution that Productive AV provided is the elimination of the speakerphones and associated cables that were needed for audio conferencing.” 

Ian Yankosky, FMB Branch Chief

The Results: 

Productive AV’s solution ensures everyone is seen, heard, and empowered to collaborate, whether in the room or across the globe. NOAA utilizes our renovated rooms to monitor and communicate during satellite launches. Guests includes commissioners, executive staff, Senators, and Representatives.

The many dedicated scientists at NOAA enrich our lives through science and understanding. By sharing their knowledge, the entire nation can better conserve our ecosystems and environment. Productive AV is proud to continuously sponsor their mission.