Project Description


The National Highway Institute (NHI) is the training and education division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). They are a vital part of our transportation industry. Through high-quality training, highway professionals enhance their job performances to keep roads, highways, bridges, and you safe.

Location: Vienna, Virginia

Industry:  Government & Education


The National Highway Institute (NHI) collaborated with G-Tech Contracting and Productive AV to construct a brand-new training building. Their state-of-the-art facility produces high-quality educational content through an advanced video routing system.

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Equipment List

  • Planar UHD Displays
  • Cisco Webex Board
  • GrandMA3 Compact Lighting Console
  • Yamaha CL5 Audio Console
  • Creston TouchScreen Controls
  • Lumens 4k PTZ Video Cameras
  • Panasonic Studio Cameras
  • Shure Microphones
  • AJA Video Systems

The Challenge

The facility’s goal is to produce high-quality educational content for both in-person and remote learning. The National Highway Institute (NHI) needs to produce digital content to adapt to the post-pandemic world. They need a new building to bring them into the future and facilitate their commitment to quality.

The Solution

Productive AV collaborated with the National Highway Institute from early designs. G-Tech Contracting is the prime contractor and is responsible for cabling and mounting many of the following devices. Our solution cohesively integrates throughout the facility, supporting every step of content production, and providing teleconferencing abilities.

The two large training rooms both produce and receive content. The rooms’ teleconferencing capabilities allow for streaming and recording. Lumen’s PTZ cameras capture the entire lecture hall in ultra-high definition. Planar’s HD Displays showcase digital materials for all the students to easily view.

Media Production rooms produce virtual content. Productive AV equips large and small production rooms with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and video systems. The lighting system illuminates the presenters with adjustable key, fill, and back lighting. High-quality green screens enable the easy addition of digital backgrounds. The Grand MA3 Compact, a professional-grade lighting console with thousands of parameters, controls the lighting system. Productive AV provides training so everyone is confident on the console.

NHI Dark Room

Three Panasonic Studio Cameras provide 4K Ultrahigh definition video feeds. Teleprompters and confidence monitors help the speakers feel more comfortable. By providing confidence-boosting production rooms, every teacher can effectively communicate in a hybrid system.

The content produced in the production rooms and training rooms routes to the video production suite. Productive AV breaks down the post-production process into specialized workstations. The Remote Camera Workstation controls the cameras in the training rooms and production studios. This functionality keeps collaboration flowing across a large facility. The Remote Camera Control Engineer digitally paints cameras colors to match true color representation. The Graphic Workstation, equipped with multiple computers, edit graphics while streaming content. All are connected via intercoms for seamless communication and harmonious collaboration. NHI’s increased productivity surpasses their standard of quality.

Meeting rooms throughout the facility send and receive content. Cisco’s Webex Board 55S provides everything the room needs with a single device. The built-in camera and microphone enables teleconferencing and easily integrates into the video routing system. It doubles as a productivity tool with wireless presentations and collaborative white board functions. It saves NHI time communicating while fostering in-person and online collaboration.

State-of-the-art video switching and routing keeps the whole operation running. The AJA Kumo 6464-12G provides powerful signal control across UltraHD workflows. It is the key to NHI’s high-speed and ultra-productive workflows.

Intricate video production systems such as NHI’s will last for years with regular preventive maintenance. Productive AV’s preventive maintenance covers cleaning, firmware updates, inspections, troubleshooting, and recommendations for upgrades. Regular upkeep and the ability to adapt ensure a bright future for NHI.

The Results: 

Productive AV’s core goal is to make people more productive. Our solution accomplishes that with an interconnected facility that supports simultaneous workflows across multiple spaces. We are proud to contribute to NHI’s educational mission.